Richard Johnson Restorations

Somersham Park House

The Georgian Group Architectural Awards 2005
Commended Award for the Restoration of a Georgian Country House

Restoration of derelict Georgian country house with Victorian annex commenced April 2002. The front façade lead had split enabling the guttering to leak into the brick work and internal timbers. A 9 brick height difference had emerged due to subsidence from north to south gable. Ivy had taken a hold on South West gable, spreading through to the North East of the building. All the floors were in the cellar, little of the internal features remained….

Site of Palace of Bishop of Ely 1190 – 1770
Architectural links to Sir John Soane

Somersham Park House, completed in 2004

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Exterior Views
Before After
Restoration Notes:
Front Elevation : Before
Front Elevation
Front Elevation : After
  • Georgian fascia of the building is now exactly as it would have looked when first built in 1802

  • Introduced foundations to property
Rear Elevation : Before
Rear Elevation
Rear Elevation : After
  • The original brickwork has been dismantled and rebuilt and hand cleaned taking back centuries of grime to show the true colour of the gault bricks

  • The chimneys are exact copies of the originals. They are hand-thrown in local clay by a potter in the village to match what remained of the last remaining damaged pot
Site of Victorian Kitchen
Victorian Extension
Victorian Kitchen extension
  • Re-built Victorian extension from
    photographic evidence

  • Restored barn and stable block in keeping with main house

  • The drive follows the original carriage track which we unearthed
Before shot of the external brickwork
External Brickwork
After shot of the external brickwork
  • Liaison with English Heritage, Huntingdon Conservation Department and Secretary of State for Department of Culture Media and Sport

  • Where brickwork was removed the bricks were re-laid, in exactly the same position, with lime mortar matched to the original using locally sourced sand

  • Window frames have been replicated from the fragments of carcases too damaged to salvage

  • installed electrics, plumbing, drains, gas to property
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