Victorian • Edwardian • Interwar

Victorian circa 1837 – 1901, edwardian 1901 – 1914, interwar 1914 – 1939

Our proven experience with Heritage homes encompasses most eras, from restoration and remodelling Victorian village, farm and country houses through to Edwardian modernisation and refurbishment.

Victorian circa 1837 to 1901: Internally, high ceilings and large windows. Simple designs, becoming more decorative, moving from plain brick or stucco and sash windows to red brick with decorative often gothic revival features.

Edwardian 1901 to 1914: More ornate details, floor tiles, stained glass and larger tall rooms, also influenced by The Arts and Crafts Movement of handmade and simple designs.

Interwar 1914 to 1939: Interwar Redbrick, parquet wooden floors and simple internal decorative features and brighter rooms.

Victorian Country Home

The large country house built in 1886, was left empty and starting to decay, the property was in need of a full modernisation and refurbishment programme.


Victorian Country House