Heritage Home Emergency Service

Mid Project Take-Over to SOS Emergencies

From saving a building from further collapse or stepping into finishing a project where arrangements have not worked out as planned

…our Heritage Home Emergency Service offers owners a place to ask for experienced and often immediate help.

RJ Restorations have a proven record of being able to advise, devise and implement methods of securing a build, clearance and rebuild as well as providing required management and completion of a project on a clients behalf where we had to take over mid-project.

Stage 1

A briefing phone call coupled with an email /video of the problem, if appropriate.

Stage 2

A meeting with site visit to access the situation and assess further.

Stage 3


  • Ensure that the building is safe.
  • Plan of immediate action.   
  • Contact relevant bodies.
  • Review way forward.
  • Implement.

View the Under-Croft Collapse SOS

Collapsed under-croft due compromised foundations exacerbated by excess water.
SOS Heritage Emergency

SOS Heritage Emergency

Mid Project SOS

Taking over, and managing, a restoration mid-project in France. 

The project (house, pool house, barn, annexe and garden) was distance-managed by the owners with day-to-day management by a local team but after numerous months and visits by the owners, the works showed little progress with accumulating costs.

RJ Restorations were asked to take on the project and bring it to a finish, working on a bi-weekly rota on-site, building a trusted working-relationship with local craftsmen and suppliers to enable the owners to use the building the following summer.


Barn outside
Barn inside
Side of the building, barn at the top.
Annexe Inside
Annexe Inside upstairs
Front of House during progress
Pool House
Pool House and steps to pool
French fortified stone work in progress by local artisan.
Stone work technique using traditional lime mortars and grouts
Stone work technique using traditional lime mortars and grouts


Side of the barn and path
Barn with extension
Side of the building, barn at the top.
Annexe inside
Annexe inside upstairs
Front of the house
Steps to Pool
Steps from Pool to the house
Annexe Door and Side of House opposite Annexe
French Bathroom

Under-croft Collapse SOS

Collapsed under-croft due to compromised foundations exacerbated by excess water.

The Problem:

The collapse of medieval under-croft pillars, stone ceiling and flooring above. Leaving a dangerously unsafe ceiling with arch frames, ceiling, floor and debris in danger of further collapse

Floor Collapsed
Coupled with a substantial amount of debris blocking the access to the collapsed area led to a precarious situation for the building and distraught owners.
Rubble in the room under collapsed ceiling
The Solution:

RJ Restorations were able to devise a support and removal system that met with Health and Safety parameters and Structural Engineers approval.

The remaining arches were supported and a partially collapsed column taken down. The rubble from the collapsed ceiling and floor above was then removed.

The stonework from the collapsed arches was rescued, collated to record location and put to one side for re-use. New foundations were laid under the pillars. Specialist stonemasons collaborated with RJ Restorations, rebuilding the pillars and arches using the original stone where feasible. Further restoration works to the building where also undertaken at the request of the clients.

The Result:

Outstanding work and very happy clients.

The rebuild arches
The finished room with arches
The finished room with arches